Why Your Bad Posture Is Causing Jaw Pain

Do you have a clicky or painful jaw? Can’t bite into an apple or eat a nice juicy steak?

Then make sure you read this incredibly important blog as I’m going to tell you exactly how your posture might be making all your jaw issues worse.

Jaw problems are a lot more common than many think. The real problem for anyone with jaw pain or clicking is that they don’t really know who to ask for help – their GP? Their dentist?

Then the problem comes down to the treatment. The jaw is just like any other part of your body – it’s influenced by everything around it. But more often than not jaw pain treatment purely focuses on the jaw so it misses all the other contributing factors that cause the jaw problems to keep coming back again and again.

Now let’s get into it.

So how does your posture influence your jaw pain?

It all comes down to how gravity falls on you and your muscles. Just like a dog’s body is designed to be efficient walking on all fours, our bodies do have an ideal posture where our muscles will work more efficiently and effectively.

The big issue is that modern day life has us slouched over smartphones, laptops and computers. Working days are getting longer and definitely in Mackay we have a lot of people with sitting jobs and operating machinery jobs which keep them in the same posture for a long time. We even now have TV series on demand so we can then spend all weekend sitting down and binge watching the latest hit series on Netflix.

How a slouched posture affects your jaw pain is really because of where your head ends up sitting. The further forwards of your body your head sits the harder it is for your jaw muscles to work. You can try it right now. Sit up really tall and bite down as hard as you can. Then slouch and poke your head forward and try to bite down again. I bet you found there was a lot less pressure the second time.

Now consider that those muscles do more than just eating. They are also working when you are talking. So a poked head forward posture will mean your jaw muscles will be overworking everytime you talk and eat and that is a lot of the time in your day.

It is honestly so important to address your posture to stop you from getting jaw pain or clicking for good. As you can see if all you do is treat locally at the jaw it’s impossible to get the long term relief you really want.

The big thing is… YOU DON’T NEED TO PUT UP WITH JAW PAIN AND CLICKING. You just need to get the right assessment and the right plan to banish it for good.

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