Neck Pain

Are you currently sitting at the desk rubbing your sore neck? Do you dread sleeping on different pillows? Neck pain can be unrelenting and can make you feel really miserable and exhausted.

Neck pain settles down nicely with hands on treatment to the joints and muscles but to really get great long term effects we need to make your neck stronger so it can handle anything. How good would it be if your neck was strong enough to handle 8 hours at a computer, or driving a truck for 12 hours, or even just going out and enjoying a coffee with friends.

​We create your neck’s road-map for success by doing a really thorough assessment to determine how well every part of your body is doing it’s job during these key moments when you get pain. Your roadmap is then targeted towards any areas that need more strength, movement or control so that your neck can recover and strengthen.

Let Elite Physiotherapy help you!

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