Elite Physiotherapy in Mackay

Is pain stopping you from doing the things you enjoy in life?

Let Elite Physiotherapy in Mackay help you get off the bench and back to doing all the activities that you enjoy!

why Physiotherapy?

​Are you sick of living with pain? Can’t play sport without pain? Can’t work without pain? Or even just can’t do the basic things like hanging up washing or playing with the kids without pain? Does it make you feel frustrated, angry, upset or depressed?

Physiotherapy helps people everyday achieve their personal goals and live a happy and full life. Physiotherapists can diagnosis and successfully treat lots of conditions including:

What we do

After we diagnosis your condition we target various treatment options to get you better faster and for longer. These treatment techniques include:

Joint mobilisations


General strengthening



Running/cycling retraining

Why Choose us

​We allow up to an hour to really get to understand what your goals are, what your current reality is, what you've tried and how it's impacting you!

Our approach to physiotherapy is different to other clinics and we guarantee that you will receive a thorough assessment and the most comprehensive physiotherapy treatment available.

No Secrets

We tell you exactly what is going on and give you a detailed plan on how to get better quickly!

Modern Knowledge

We deliver the latest treatments to get you better faster.

Regular Follow-ups

Follow up with a long term prevention program to help you keep away those flare ups.

Let Elite Physiotherapy in Mackay help you doing all the activities that you enjoy!

Get in touch and we will respond within 24 hours