Back Pain

Do you struggle to sit or stand for a long time, can’t walk far, can’t carry the groceries, can’t pick up the kids? Back pain can make you feel  really miserable and afraid (especially if you hear other peoples stories).

At Elite Physiotherapy, we take an active approach that has the best research supporting it. While we won’t be making you do “hill sprints” kind of active, we will do a thorough assessment to gain the best understanding of how every part of your body is contributing to those key movements that hurt you.

​Once we gather all that information, we can create a treatment plan that focuses on making sure everything is doing it’s job 100% so your back can recover. Once this occurs, we strengthen your back even further, so that it can handle whatever life throws at it, whether that be driving a truck for 12 hours, completing 20 tackles in a footy match or just playing on the ground with the kids.

Let Elite Physiotherapy help you!

​If this sounds like the assessment, treatment and ultimately the results you want then fill out our Online Enquiry form and we will get in touch to match you with your ideal physiotherapist and help you achieve your goals!