ACL tears – why surgery might not be the best solution

Have you or someone you know had an ACL injury?

Do you know that the latest research actually suggests that having surgery is NOT the best option?

ACL injuries can occur in sporting people, at a workplace or even just around home. Classically they have always resulted in a surgical repair followed by 9-12 months of physiotherapy rehab.

It has always been presumed that ACLs can’t heal. But now thanks to recent research we now know that they can heal especially when managed with skilled physiotherapy rehabilitation.

With skilled physio rehab we are actually starting to see the ligaments healing themselves within 3 months of treatment. This is so much faster and cheaper than the old school approach of surgery than 12 months of rehab.

The little known fact about ACL surgeries is that 1 in 4 go on to re-rupture their ACL. There is nothing more gutting than seeing a patient that has gone through the expense and time of surgery and rehab to only rupture and face doing it all over again.

A great fact is that these physio rehabbed only people rarely re-injure their ACL. So it’s the work you put in once.

Now don’t get me wrong doing nothing, seeing a physio and seeing a skilled physio are not all the same thing and will not all produce this great outcome. In fact many universities still teach the outdated fact that all ACLs need surgery. So they never bother training their physio students on what to do.

At Elite Physiotherapy we’ve been helping people recover from ACL injuries without surgery for a decade. I love that these people get back to living their lives and playing sports quickly. Even better is that it costs them less with no surgical fees and that it takes way less physio sessions when we don’t have to deal with the effects of surgery.

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