Women’s Incontinence

Do you pee yourself when cough, sneeze, laugh or jump? Are you always rushing to the toilet? Can’t empty your bowels?

It’s embarrassing. It affects your relationships. And you can feel really isolated. The amazing thing is that most incontinence issues are really easily treated once you get a thorough assessment and are able to identify all the possible contributors to the problem. With the right treatment plan and a targeted approach you will be able to handle a good joke without fear of wetting yourself.

At Elite Physio Mackay we help women with problems such as incontinence, urgency and pain. They get great results by taking the time to really getting to understand your problem, how it is affecting your both physically and emotionally plus performing a thorough assessment so they can best understand all the contributing factors. Then they create a targeted treatment plan to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Let Elite Physiotherapy help you!

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