Meet Our Experts

A message from one of our amazing patients to inspire you on your journey:

Oh Hello there, and Welcome to Elite Make yourself comfortable, please take a seat
A quick heads up, about the staff you'll meet
As they want you, to get back on your feet

From that superstar Debbie, the Queen of the phone
If you are here waiting, you won't wait alone
She'll chit and she'll chat, and she'll chitter chatter
And she does it with love, so that's all that matters

And now lovely Ella, has just joined the team
With her radiant smile, and a figure so lean
But don't think exercise, is what does the trick
Cos from what we hear, that makes her sick

The gorgeous Telisha, seems so in control
Yet is messy, forgetful and steals pens, so I'm told
But she is great with her clients, strong and true
And Ooh la la what those hands can do!!!

And the man of the house, is a chap named Robbie
He loves a chat and his exercise physiology
He must be OK, to survive all the girls
So if you need advice, give Robbie a whirl

And who built this practice from merely a dream
Who struggled so hard to bring us this Team?
It's Gabby our leader, who made this all real
And despite her small frame she has thumbs of STEEL

So that is the team you will find at Elite
They are real, they are kind and they don't take defeat
But don't think a wand will get waved just for you
As you'll be expected to work at this too
So if you want to get better, get back on your feet
Then you can't do better than the team at Elite.

Joint Mobilisations

Gabrielle Moorress
Principal Physiotherapist and owner

Telisha Peck

Debbie McNeill
Administration legend

Robert Ashman
Exercise Physiologist

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Amber Kidman
Administration legend

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