Strength and Conditioning Classes

Do you have a sore back? dodgy knee? or bad shoulder? Maybe a pain somewhere else like in your elbow or neck or hip?

Joining our Strength and Condition Classes is a great way to reduce injury recovery time and help prevent any further injuries. It improves your core strength and gives you flexible but strong muscles. Even better is that everyone can do it regardless of your age, gender or mobility level. All our classes are run by a qualified physiotherapist. We work on a program that is created during your initial assessment to address any roadblocks that are stopping you from achieving your goals. The exercises incorporate both reformer and trapeze tower work as well as exercises you can perform with balls, mats, rollers and band. Our classes are small and personalised with a maximum of 5 people in the class at once, all performing their own individual programs.


As all sessions are run by a physiotherapist you are able to claim through your private health insurance. The code is 560 if you want to check with your health insurance provider if you are covered.

Yes – but with a difference!
​Before joining a strength and conditioning group session, you will have a private consultation with one of our physiotherapists. They will be responsible for creating an exercise program specifically designed to meet your needs and goals. Your progress will then be monitored through the group sessions that you attend. Each session is currently restricted to a maximum of five people. This way, you receive the benefit of a personal program at a lower cost.

​We don’t believe in limiting what you can do. In our sessions, you will have some exercises on the machines, some with small equipment and some on the mats. We have three reformers, each with a trapeze tower, plus lots of other fun bits of equipment to challenge your muscles and balance.

Everything can be tailored to what you are able to do, but as you get stronger, you will become more flexible.

We have a mix of both males and females participating in our sessions that include a variety of exercises for maintenance, injury recovery and special rehabilitation programs for return to high level sports competition.

Even older muscles can get stronger. Strength and conditioning exercises are also a very good way to improve your balance, which is something that becomes increasingly important as you get older.

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