Will acupuncture fix shoulder pain?

Will acupuncture fix shoulder pain?

Some people are completely put off by the idea of acupuncture and needles. But it is a treatment approach that is becoming more and more popular.

Classically a physiotherapist does dry needling which is different to traditional Chinese acupuncture.

Dry needling can have a temporary pain relieving effect for shoulder pain. This effect is comparable to the relief gained from massage and joint mobilisations. In the research world it’s still a bit contested if dry needling promotes healing.

We do have physiotherapists who have trained in dry needling at Elite Physiotherapy. But we don’t ever really feel the need to use it.

We use hands on treatments that are very different to traditional physiotherapy techniques. We find these specific treatments get the results faster than needling does. This means we can do more within the session and get our patients recovering faster.

So can needling fix shoulder pain – in short no. It can make it temporarily feel better. But it takes more time to perform and you can’t do other techniques at the same time. So we at Elite find it means we can’t achieve as much in one session.

The best way to fix shoulder pain is to do a combination of hands on treatment and exercises. Hands on techniques to settle down the pain. Then progressively introduce more movements and load until the shoulder can handle what life throws at it.

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