Netflix and Stretch! 3 simple stretches to help a stiff neck and shoulders

Got a sore and stiff neck? Spending a bit too much time in front of the TV catching up on Netflix?

Then make sure you read this incredibly important article as I’m going to show you 3 simple exercises that relieve neck stiffness and pain. Even better you can do them all whilst watching your favourite show on Netflix

I feel right now people fall into 1 of 2 camps. They either have a lot of extra time on their hands and are binge watching TV or spending a lot of time on their phone scrolling through social media.

OR they are incredibly busy with work or home schooling and so on and are relieving their brain at the end of the day by binge watching TV and scrolling on their phone.

The result of both of these scenarios is many people are ending up with stiff and sore necks and shoulders.

Now let’s get into it.

Netflix and stretch exercise number 1:

Sitting thoracic rotation

Unfortunately couches and recliners don’t naturally encourage the best postures. Combine this with the fact that most movies now go for over 2 hours and that Netflix just rolls one episode to the next and you get a great situation for developing a really stiff upper back.

Sitting thoracic rotation is a great way to get that upper back moving and, even better, as the name suggests you can do it sitting down.

Sit on the edge of your chair with your feet and knees as close together as possible. Put your hands on your chest. When twisting ensure that you are keeping your belly button pointing forwards as you twist from your breastbone. You should feel it in your mid back or bra strap region.

Netflix and stretch exercise number 2:

Cervical retractions

Mobile phones and necks don’t tend to be great friends. We tend to end up with our chin poked out and this puts lots of pressure on our upper neck and can commonly cause headaches.

Cervical retractions aren’t the sexiest thing to perform so definitely don’t do it when you are in “netflix and chill” mode if you know what I mean.

For this one you want to be sitting up really tall on the edge of your chair. Then pull your head straight back. You should still be looking straight ahead and feel a stretch at the back of your neck. If you need extra feedback for this you can do it with your back against the wall.

Netflix and stretch exercise number 3:

Wall angels

So finally for this one you will need to stand up. The great thing is that wall angels combine the benefits of the last 2 exercises into 1 which is probably why it’s a firm favourite here at Elite.

For this one you will have your back and bottom against the wall. Have your feet off the walls a bit and your knees soft with a slight bend. The further your feet are off the wall the easier this exercise is. Once in position flatten your lower back against the wall then do angel arms up and down to the side. If you can concentrate on one extra thing… try to do a cervical retraction at the same time by pulling your head straight back.

The big thing is… YOU DON’T NEED TO PUT UP WITH HEADACHES, NECK OR SHOULDER  PAIN. We have helped so many people get rid of their pain and get back to life. They are always so surprised by how quickly they can feel better and love that we are their biggest cheerleaders to ensure they stick to their plan and quickly achieve amazing results.

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