Government funding to help people with diabetes lose weight

Do you or someone you know have diabetes?

Been told to lose weight but it’s really hard and often leads to other injuries?

Are you worried about the bad effects not losing weight and having diabetes is having on your health?

Diabetes can lead to a huge cascade of health problems.

It can affect your heart and brain. It can reduce blood flow to your legs. This can lead to ulcers, infection and potential amputations.

Diabetes also affects the eyes, kidneys, nerves, teeth, gums and skin.

One of the best management options for those with diabetes is exercise.

What’s even better is that the Australian government is aware of this. They created an amazing funding program through medicare for 8 supervised exercise sessions.But the problem is…

1. Not many people know about this (including doctors)

2. Many doctors don’t recommend it to patients

This just seems crazy. Diabetes causes heaps of problems. Exercise can help prevent these problems. And there is government funding. Seems like a complete no-brainer.

At Elite we are really unique with how we treat people with diabetes. We always give our patients a personalised plan targeted for the goals they are after.

We know the main reasons people give up exercising. Firstly because they don’t get results. And secondly because they hurt or injure themselves.

Our plans are created by our qualified exercise physiologist Rob. He has extensive and specialised knowledge on diabetes. He knows what kind of exercise and how much is needed.

Even better though…

He creates plans to treat diabetes without causing injuries.

If you (or anyone you know) want to see if you qualify for this government funding book a free screening call. Just contact us on (07) 4999 9773 and we’ll schedule your free screening call.

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