Do you get sore hips at night when sleeping?


Do you get sore hips at night when sleeping?

Not sure whether it’s your mattress or not?

Perhaps you’ve already forked out the money for a new mattress but it hasn’t made a difference?

Well, keep on reading as this blog will save you unnecessarily buying a new mattress to help your hips.

Pain in the side of your hip when either lying on that hip or even when that hip is on top can indicate hip bursitis.

A new mattress may help a bit just like a Panadol might help a bit. But neither will cure the true cause of the problem.

Hip bursitis changes its name every few years as the researches investigate it further. But typically speaking it’s an issue with your gluteal tendons in your bottom.

Now tendons don’t like being squashed or having to do more work than they are use to. They also don’t react well chemically with body fat and with diabetes.

Now changing a mattress might cut down the squash factor. But by the time it prompts you to get a mattress, to go to the shop to find one and then the wait to get it deliver, the tendon and muscle has weakened a lot.

That’s why the new mattress might help but only for a short time because then the tendon is weaker and having to work hard.

We have a really different approach to other physios in Mackay in regards for treating hip bursitis.

Firstly, we want you out of pain really fast. We have some incredibly skilled and special hands on techniques that can achieve this fast.

Then we team up the hands on treatment with the perfect mini exercises for you. These exercises will also help you to stop the pain plus work on strengthening you so it doesn’t come back.

The best thing about the Elite Physiotherapy approach is that it works really fast and lasts. It’s cheaper than ongoing doctors appointments, cortisone injections, painkillers and new mattresses. Even better is that you walk away with a strong and fitter body which helps with those other things tendons don’t like – body fat and diabetes.

If this blog has triggered any questions I’d love to hear them. Please get in touch with us on (07) 4999 9773 so I can help you with your hip pain.

Hip bursitis is a really common problem, so please like and share this with your friends. Then they too can start the journey to living the lives they want and getting a great nights sleep.

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