Diabetic people are told to lose weight and exercise.

Diabetic people are told to lose weight and exercise.

Many think that weight loss is all that needs to happen. But this can be frustrating as weight loss is often a slow journey.

But exercise is honestly one of the best medicines for those with diabetes. Resistance exercise and aerobic exercise helps to naturally lower blood glucose levels. It also boosts your body’s sensitivity to insulin and counter insulin resistance.

These exercise benefits are amazing.

More and more people don’t want to be taking medications. And they don’t want to do insulin injections. By exercising you can negate the need for medications which is great.

Now don’t get me wrong, losing weight isn’t a bad thing to aim for but it’s more of a side effect rather than the ultimate goal. Improving your body’s ability to deal with blood glucose level is the ultimate goal.

Rob, our exercise physiologist, is amazing at creating exercise programs for diabetics. On top of that he can create exercises that will treat any aches or pains at the same time.

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