3 Secrets to 10X your Plantar Fascia Recovery

Do you want to know 3 secrets about how to get rid of plantar fascia forever and 10X your recovery?

Then make sure you read this incredibly important article so you can learn these 3 secrets and finally get rid of your plantar fascia pain for good.

I love the fact that I see so many people now getting out there and going for walks and runs. It’s amazing as exercise really is the best drug for so many problems.

The problem is though, for many, you aren’t used to this sudden spike in activity and the niggles are starting to sneak in.

Those first few steps out of bed in the morning are agony.

Being barefoot or in pretty shoes is a thing of the past and instead you are permanently strapped into joggers.

And then, worse of all, you need to stop being active as the pain just gets so bad.

I don’t want this for you or anyone else. Nobody has the time, money or energy to be in pain whether it be just for a short period or for years. And once your plantar fascia pain has robbed you of your time, money and energy it will rob you of all those precious moments with your family and friends because you have to “take it easy” on the sidelines.

These “secrets” really shouldn’t be secrets but for some reason no-one else seems to be learning them.

Secret number 1:

I know your foot and heel hurts but you have to address the whole leg. Our bodies are really like a fine tuned machine with everything influencing everything else. And, more often than no, the broken part isn’t actually the part that caused the whole problem in the first place. The broken part, like your plantar fascia, was just the weakest link or the last link so it copped it harder.

The best plantar fascia treatment will look at the strength not just in your foot but all the way up to your back. And then it will look at your function with walking and running plus even simple things like being on one leg.

Secret number 2:

Injections are rarely the answer and should never be the first answer. Injecting the plantar fascia without doing the best treatment I outlined before, is kind of like injecting a stone bruise but not taking the stone out of your shoe. Sure it might feel ok for a bit BUT it’s only a matter of time until it returns.

Secret number 3:

You can actually strengthen your plantar fascia. It can happen a few ways but a simple and functional example is a calf raise. Now calf raises are probably the worse taught exercise out there but to get the right bias happening to get rid of your pain you want to have your toes on a small towel plus do isometric or tensing contractions rather than up and down ones at the start.

The big thing is… YOU DON’T NEED TO PUT UP WITH PLANTAR FASCIA  PAIN. We have helped so many people get rid of their plantar fasica pain and get back to life. They are always so surprised by how quickly they can feel better and love that we are their biggest cheerleaders to ensure they stick to their plan and quickly achieve amazing results.

If you’d like to get these results too then click HERE to book online or give us a call on (07) 4999 9773 so we can get you back to doing what you want to do and what you love.

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