3 Easy Beginner Shoulder Exercises

Do you have shoulder pain? Tried injections and rest but it didn’t really help? Can’t be as active as you’d like to be?

Then make sure you read this incredibly important blog as I’m going to tell you 3 easy beginner shoulder exercises to help you banish pain right now.

Shoulder pain is incredibly common. It makes it hurt to get dressed, sleep on your side, reach up and so on.

I hate the average physios approach to shoulder rehab because more often than not it tends to flare them up more.

Now let’s get into it.

These are the 3 most gentle and basic shoulder exercises out there that work to help relieve and strengthen your rotator cuff and take pressure off the shoulder by improving the posture.

Easy shoulder exercise number 1:

Isometric shoulder external rotation.

This is a great exercise for those who have a lot of pain and can’t lift their arms up. It’s super gentle and can have a nice analgesic effect.

To do this one have a piece of theraband around your wrists with your forearm resting on a table. Make sure your wrists and elbows are in line and running parallel to each other. Then just hold the tension on the band. Depending on how de-conditioned you are you might only be able to hold for 15 seconds however you want to be able to build up to doing 5 rounds of 40 second holds.

Easy shoulder exercise number 2: 


This is a must do exercise for anyone who gets tightness across their shoulders and/or pain with lifting their arms up.

It’s super important with these that you hold your arms about 30 degrees to the side. If you don’t do this you will feel it in your neck and it won’t feel nice. Then you also have to make sure you are shrugging straight up – not rolling forwards or pulling back. Most people are surprised how quickly these become fatiguing.

Easy shoulder exercise number 3:

Seated thoracic rotation

A flexible mid to upper back is super important for good shoulder health. If your mid to upper back is incredibly rigid it will mean your shoulders will need to do more work with overhead tasks. And this overuse can lead to pain.

To do this one you will be sitting up tall on the edge of your chair. Have your feet and knees together and hands on your chest. Concentrate on keeping your knees and belly button pointing straight ahead as you twist from your breast bone. You should feel this around your bra strap region.

The big thing is… YOU DON’T NEED TO PUT UP WITH SHOULDER PAIN. You just need to get the right assessment and the right plan to banish it for good.

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