The biggest secret every runner needs to know

Do you want to run better, faster and without any injuries?

Then make sure you read this incredibly important video as I’m going to share with you the biggest secret and most important running tip to get you going further, faster and without injury.

I love running. Just you and the rhythm of your feet hitting the ground.

In recent months I’ve seen an explosion of people out there running and making the most of the beautiful weather. It truly is great seeing people out there getting active.

Unfortunately as a physio I also see the other side of it. People with heel pain, achilles pain, shin splints, knee pain and so on. These poor people are just trying to get active but are hit with the blow of all these pains stopping them in their tracks.

The big problem is that they then usually rest for a few weeks and the pain will settle but then as soon as they go back… BAM they get hit by pain all over again.

Eventually, many just give up and stop trying.

Now let’s get into it.

Don’t worry if you have had niggles or pains from running – the problem often lies with the fact that no-one actually ever teaches you how to run. Running is quite technical but there is one simple technique you can work on right now that can not only help with the aches and pains but will actually make you run further and faster.

What is this amazing secret technique I hear you ask…

The arm swing

So I bet you all thought my biggest tip would be something like shoes or warming up or something like that. But no it’s arm swing. Incorrect arm swing not only makes you run slower and fatigue quicker but it predisposes you to ankle sprains, shin splints, knee pain, ITB syndrome, hip pain and even back pain and headaches from running. It is probably one of the most crucial aspects of running and is never taught. A bad arm swing is like rowing a boat but only ever using the oar on one side so you are always trying to compensate and correct.

There are 3 incorrect arm swings I see the most.

The shadow boxer where you arms are always crossing the midline in front of you. This causes you to waste lots of energy going side to side rather than forwards.

The one arm run. This might mean that you have one arm swinging in from of your body and one behind or perhaps even that you are pushing a pram with one arm, holding dog leads or even holding your phone so you don’t knock out your ear phones. This will cause you to always be forcing your weight to one side.

In this case if you are swinging your left arm in front and right behind you will be putting more pressure through your right leg.

The last one tends to mainly happen with kids but it’s the penguin run with their arms by their side. This will make them have more of a shuffling run and make them more likely to trip over plus make them incredibly slow.

What you want to be doing instead is having an effective arm swing that propels you forwards not side to side. You want your elbow to stay bent at the same angle the whole time. A 90 degree bend is comfortable for more people.

Then you want to make sure both arms move the same distance and the same way. I always tell patients to go from hand on hip to hand at head height. You need to make sure you maintain that same elbow bend and don’t get smaller when coming up or bigger when going back.

You also need to ensure that your arms stay the same distance away from your midline.

When working on arm swing I highly recommend to do it in intervals like concentrating on it for a block, forgetting about it for a block, concentrating on it for a block and so on. Eventually you will find your “forget about it” times will start to look better and better.

The big thing is… YOU DON’T NEED TO PUT UP WITH RUNNING NIGGLES. When neglected these niggles lead into other issues and all of a sudden you are stuck on the coach watching everyone else go for a run.

We have helped so many people get rid of their pain and get back to life. They are always so surprised by how quickly they can feel better and love that we are their biggest cheerleaders to ensure they stick to their plan and quickly achieve amazing results.

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