BANISH hip pain in 2 minutes

Do you have hip bursitis? Is it keeping you up at night? Can’t lie on your side?

Then make sure you read this incredibly important blog so I can show you how to quickly and easily settle down your pain right now.

Hip bursitis is a massive problem and affects lots of people from the elderly, to the pregnant mum to be, someone who’s trying to get fit, someone who’s work hours have just suddenly spiked or even just after having a massive binge session on Netflix.

Now I posted a video just last week about hip bursitis and so many people reached out. After chatting to them about what they’ve tried and what responses they’ve had, it became incredibly obvious that NOT ONE OF THEM had been given the best and most up to date researched advice.

As a result of this many have been in pain for years, lost their jobs due to the pain and were now reliant on hard core pain medication, which wasn’t really helping either.

After all those conversations I wasn’t sure whether to be sad or angry. So instead I turned all those emotions into producing this video so hopefully I can help all those with hip bursitis out there get some pain relief and have a better night’s sleep.

Now let’s get into it.

This is a super ninja tip and works so fast it almost seems too good to be true.

All you need is somewhere to lie down and a belt, like the one you wear around your waist to hold your pants up.

So lying on your back, bend your knees up so that your feet can be flat on the bed and you feel comfortable. Then move your feet so that they are at least in line with your hips if not wider.

Put your belt around above your knees – if it’s a bit hard on your thighs just put some towels down the side for padding.

Then push your legs out to the side. Your legs won’t move but you will be tensing your bottom muscles.

Now it’s important that you hold this for a long time to get the magic to happen. This kind of tensing without moving contraction is called an isometric contraction and has been shown to be really good at strengthening tendons plus producing an analgesic or pain relieving effect. To get these changes happening we need a nice long hold up to around 40 seconds and then repeating it a few times.

So make sure that you are pushing out hard enough that it’s a challenge but not so hard that you tire out and start shaking in fatigue after a few seconds. It will feel tiring in your bottom muscles but should feel different to your pain.

You don’t have to put up with hip pain. We get great results all the time with hip bursitis. We hear from many patients that they have put up with the pain, changed their lives and relied on medication and injections for nothing more than short term relief if they are lucky. Our patients are often amazed by how easy it is to get relief and feel empowered when they learn some simple tricks to quickly and easily settle down pain on their own.

If you’d like to get these results too then click HERE to book online or give us a call on (07) 4999 9773 so we can get you back to doing what you want to do and what you love.

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